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The kidlets are over for a sleep over and a day of fun. They're currently watching Surf's Up and there's much giggling.

I need to make the bed so they have some place to sleep - my living room is still full of tupperware. After I eat dinner (salmon and rice!), I'll be making the bed and then mixing up the sugar cookie dough. Plans for tomorrow? So far it's breakfast (Jim's), then making cookies, lunch, the movies and finally dinner. I think there's a trip to Border's and Target in there too.

K is safe and sound - and so pretty much is her car. Coming home from Taiko on Sunday, there was a thud - she'd thought she'd been rear ended, but it turned out that her back tire had come off the axle. As in the coupling or whatever sheared off. Thankfully, she was going very slow, she was neither on the freeway nor on the Park Street bridge. The car should be fixed by Saturday. It would have been earlier, but they needed to order a part from Boston.

So Thursday, she'll be borrowing my car and she'll drop me off at BART at 6am So I'll be doing the BART to Milbrae, then hop Caltrain to Redwood City.
Tags: family, kidlets

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