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Friday was fairly easy going (except for the painters, see previous post). Spent part of the day going through stuff, the other part reading some of my monthly romance stash.

Cousin from hell stopped by around 3:30 - she desperately needed the bathroom and hadn't hooked up with Karen re: where Karen's house key would be hidden. She had just driven up from Los Angeles and was up here for a crafts fair in San Leandro. We ended up chatting until 5 or so.

Met up with Sy, Karen, and Karen's friend Sharon and we went over to the San Leandro Community Center to set up for Saturday's crafts fair. Majority of the items were Japanese/Asian in nature - everything from sushi shaped hot pads to Got Rice t-shirts. Lots of nice clothes - vests made from old kimonos, dresses with smiling sushi, kids clothes celebrating their asian heritage. Sy had an eclectic mix of stuff - silk screened note cards, home made washi paper, fused glass pendants & sushi dishes, freshwater pearl necklaces, jade fish & turtle necklaces and kimono vests. Sy's very much into crafts - lots of hobbies. She's currently into fused glass. I ended up with 6 new sushi plates. Go Me!

Ended up at Emil Villa's BBQ for dinner. St. Louis ribs and smoked chicken. Yum.

Back to Karen's to finish up getting Sy's stuff ready for the next day. Usually this involves 3 of us working until 3am. Putting price tags on everything. Untangling all the necklaces. She was organized this year. Hello Ripley's??? We finished by midnight. Miracles do happen.

Back at Karen's at 8:15. We were supposed to leave by 8:30, but we did get on the road by 8:40. Wooowee! New record. Sy is rarely on time. Usually off by at least 30-90 minutes. Oy! We got there at 5 to 9 and the fair started at 9am. The line was all the way from the front door to about a block away. It stayed that long until about 10:30. Bought a denim overall shorts with hawaiian flower appliques for Alani. Picked up a few shirts for me. New set of sushi oven mitts (burnt last set). A "Got Rice" onesie for baby Guy Victor.

Quick lunch at Bakers Square, then Karen & I went to Toys R Us to look for Alani's birthday prezzie. She turned two today. Ah sweetie!!! Gayle said to get her a baby stroller and a crib. Hit Kaybees too, but nobody had a baby crib. Did get a doll umbrella stroller. Found out later that Alani's baby doll is almost as big as she is. Need to find a BIG crib.

Went back to Karen's to watch some of the Yankees vs Boston game. I usually hate the Yankees with a passion, but Boston's antics have made me hate them more, so I am rooting for the Yankees. How scary. Sounds like heresy everytime I cheer for Jeter or ...Roger Clemens and I've booed Clemens since early 1990's when he was with Boston.

Back to fair for last minute shopping - picked up a few t-shirts for xmas prezzies. Bought a shirt & skirt combo for me. Bought more of the kakimochi chex mix. Yum. Helped Sy pack up all her stuff. We got everything done in less than 30 minutes. Go Us! Sy went off to have dinner with critical cousin and her hubby while Karen & I went off to Gayle's for Alani's birthday dinner.

Hadn't seen the kids in two weeks, and they were very glad to see us. Kyle was very hyper and had to show us all his stuff and demo his gymnastics tricks and run around the house and and and... Alani was getting over a cold as usual, and was a little more subdued. Alani had fun sticking her fingers and tasting the lovely sugary frosting on her cake rather than blowing out her candles, so Kyle performed that chore. She loved her baby stroller and was cheerfully pushing stroller around all over the house. Kyle was singing "that baseball song" - which we finally figured out to be the national anthem. *grin*

Arrived home and all plastic stuff was gone off the building, so I was much cheered.

Yankees won. Cubs won. Go Cubs!

Time for bed.
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