Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Hey, this is fun!

I just love my lighted magnifying lamp!!!

The Japanese 6 in 1 chain maille pattern that I've been complaining about? Now that I can *see* what I'm doing? WOW! It was easy!
I finished my first chain maille necklace - Helms chain 18 inch necklace. Then I went back to the the 6 in 1 flower pattern, and it was a simple.

Do I want to try the byzantine bracelet tonight?

I'm definitely on a jewelry making kick. On the 14th, I took the basic earring and wire wrap class. Fun! Debating on whether to take the pearl knotting class and the bezel making class (they're being taught on the same day in April)

Now I just need to find a place to order rings - plus I have to figure out what kind of rings (size, color, metal). There's a place that trektone's friend, allisona mentioned a while ago - The Ring Lord - and they have several different sampler packages.
Tags: jewelry

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