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I've been meaning to post about Consonance, but I've just not been in the mood to write.
It was sort of a weird going to a con by myself and not planning on meeting up with anybody. Just me.

Got to the new hotel around 4ish and did get the upgraded room. When I had originally made the reservation, I was given the option to upgrade the room if there was one available for $10 a night. Breakfast would be included for all people in the room and that in itself would justify the cost *g*

Some of my highlights (which I'll add to as I remember stuff. Everyting's a blur...)

  • I enjoy listening to Mary Crowell. She sang one of my favorites - The Alcolytes of the Machine!

  • Judi Miller's concert was fun! I enjoyed not only watching her signing her favorite songs (Strange Messanger! the demon under the bed song *g*), but actually getting to hear her sing and play

  • Went to bed with There's an Alligator in the House and the yowling cat song stuck in my head

  • I woke up Saturday morning with Kanef's parody to Black Davey's Ride. Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been? *sigh*

  • I really liked Sibylle Machat's Spider in the Tub.

  • Concerts by Brooke (Rosemary & Rue!) and Chris O'Shea

  • Interfilk auction was insane as usual. T'was hilarious to watch kbeader bid, wench the next bidder and then wench herself. Then there was the auction for dvds of your choice of concerts - the top 5 bidders would win. Bill Roper miraculously kept track of all the bids, and the runners were going crazy trying to figure out where they were supposed to be after each bid *g*

  • Had a nice dinner and chat with Lola

  • Katy and Ju sang Sweet Poison, A Thousand Ships, and Terror Time In Lancre (hee!!!!)

  • Tricky Pixie!!!! What a blast!

  • Loved Timothy Griffin's teaching songs - especially the creepy crawly one.

  • Steve Macdonald! Wendigo! Journey's Done! Merry Meet. I really wish I had a video of Dragon for Sale. Bill Roper made a most excellent dragon!!! *g*

  • Stone Dragons - especially loved their Consonance version of Gone Filkin'!

  • Dave Clement. I can listen to him sing all day long. Merlin!

  • The rock jam - what a blur - loved Alexander James Adams singing March of Cambreadth, accompanied by a gazillion guitars, CELLO and bodhrams.
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