Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The Fairy Has Landed...

Hear ye, hear ye!

lilacfairy has safely arrived at her new abode.

Alani & I loaded up the van with the last few boxes and drove Lee & Rupert down to their new home in Salida. T'was a bit crazy there - the movers got there before we did (wow! they must have been flying) plus Lee's brother was having new carpet put in.

After a short wait (the movers were FAST), the van was unloaded and Alani & I drove back home. Stopped at the Target in Livermore where there was great rejoicing - Alani finally got her zhu zhu pet - a black and white hamster. SCORE! Did you know that the hamster not only squeaks, but barks, quacks, neighs, moos and does the red alert klaxon?
Tags: kidlets, lee

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