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This insomnia thing has got to vacate...

Sprang lilacfairy from the snf on a 4 hour pass. She did know to sign out this time =)

Trip to her apt confirmed that though she can get around once *in* the apt, the getting in and out is not something she feels confident in, even with somebody guarding her.

Sunday, met up with K & G and drove out to San Jose where the Big Blue and Yellow Tent is set up. S and the kidlets met us there and we had a fantastic time at Ovo! This was K's Christmas present to the family =) Kidlets just loved it! Bouncing in their seats (they've got cushy booster seats for kids - t'was great!) They loved the clowns - definitely heard Kyle's giggles during the "sword fight". Lots of giggles from both kids during the "duel challenge". Alani sat there wide eyed while the acrobats did their tumbling runs and bounced up and down the walls.

Afterwards, Kyle was just bouncing. Alani was ready for nap *g* All that excitement!

Met up with Auntie Clara & Patty in J-town. Did a bit of shopping - Manju!!! Then had a lovely dinner and chat at Okayama's. I think this was the first time I've actually eaten in the downstairs restaurant. This is the place where we end up going for family gatherings after funerals and such.

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