Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Toyota Follow Up

Got an apologetic phone call from Toyota today - they're very sorry for the early morning phone call on Monday. Glitch in the software at the corporate level, local dealerships had no control. Will be receiving a $25 service credit certificate in the mail.

My toilet is misbehaving. Toilet would half way flush, stuff would go down, but the clean the bowl rinse would not. Thus, I had a mini waterfall. Not a happy camper, am I. I plunged it and then it would work for a while. Me, being paranoid, would give it a flush every once in a while and that's when it's been screwing up for the most part. Thankfully.

Reported it this morning, and the two maintenance guys are checking it out. If they can't fix it, then they'll call in roto-rooter.

Much mumbling and flushing coming from the bathroom at the moment

ETA: 11:50am. Fixed!
Tags: apt

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