Debbie (debmats) wrote,

PSA: Beware of Deb

Debbie is not a happy camper today.

STUPID robo-call at 4:15AM !!!! to remind me that my car is due for service. There was no way I was going to get some meaningful sleep after that. Phone calls at that time of night usually mean EMERGENCY and my system goes whacked for a while.

So I overslept and feel like a zombie. We would be short staffed if I stayed home and I a had a meeting that had been rescheduled for my benefit.

Zipped over to Lee's to feed Rupert. He was not a happy camper either. *sigh*

Got on the freeway and realized that I had forgotten my meds. (pills. I did have my insulin pen). Oh well.

Traffic was bad *sigh*
Tags: life

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