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Catch Up...

A week ago Friday, had a lovely dinner at Barceluna and chat with wintersweet. She'd come up to visit lilacfairy.

A week ago Saturday, K & I took Kyle out for his first dim sum outing. He's had dim sum before - but just take out. He soon got into the swing of things - pointed stuff with his chopsticks (no, Kyle, bad manners!) and soon the table was filled with stuff. K & I thought that there'd be lots of leftovers, but to our amazement, there was very little left to take home. Geez, louise, if he eats this much now, what is he going to be like when he's a teenager?????

Kidlets had a sleepover Thursday night. I had to work on Friday, but they kept themselves occupied with a movie, and Kingdom Hearts 2 and Final Fantasy. Alani kept me company at times - she played with stuffed animals above me in the loft bed. Lunch out at Old Macdonald's. T'was a very low key day.

Saturday, K, the kidlets and I had breakfast at Jim's. I made a quick stop at Bead Inspirations and was just a little bad. Signed up for next month's Basic Earring and Wire Wrap class - I had forgotten to sign up for this month's and it was full. *sigh*

Picked up some "Natural California Brown Rice and Chicken" cat food for Rupert. He's stopped eating his brand and has been eating the neighbor's cat's food only. Decided to keep him happy for now, he has enough stress in his life.

Spent the entire afternoon at Santana Row - mainly at The Container Store. I decided to buy a grown up book shelf to replace my plank and concrete block shelf. Well, that shelf never really made it to the new apt and all the books it used to hold is in storage. I miss my books! Had to kill 3 hours until my order would be ready for pick up, so I did a bit of shopping. It's 8 feet long, over 7 feet high and I have the pinched fingers, bruises from dropped shelves and am sore all over from the assembly. It would have been easier with two people, not just one... Will have to go back to the store because I am one connector set short. *sigh*

Did score a pair of tickets to OVO for spending more than xxx in a day at Santana Row.


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Feb. 15th, 2010 06:15 pm (UTC)
When he gets to be a teen...much worse. My mom still teases me about how much I ate at that time of my life.
Feb. 16th, 2010 04:37 pm (UTC)
You could have waited, you'll have me around next week, after all :-)
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