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In Memory of Dick Francis (October 31, 1920 - February 14, 2010)

I am very sad to read of Dick Francis' passing. His books have brought me great joy - I have them in paperback, hardback, Reader's Digest condensed version, audiobooks and vhs tapes.

I can't remember the first one I read, but it was probably in one of Mom's Reader's Digest Condensed books. I then had to read the full version and discovered a whole new world. Horse racing of all things! From horse racing to horse training to flying to photography to glass blowing to cooking to betting. Oy!

I skipped an afternoon of sight seeing in London so that I could hit several bookstores to get copies of his books in 1983. They weren't available in the US at the time (some were out of print). It was an adventure - I had to take the train and bus all on my own - and get back again.

His books were one of the few that I bought in hardback as soon as they came out - even in my poor student days.

Many of his books are "comfort books" - I go through and re-read them (or listen to them) often. To The Hilt, The Edge, Rat Race, Sid Halley stories and Decider to name a few.

His books were one thing that Auntie Mary and I had in common, so it was always something to share.

His books usually came out around my birthday, so it was always a present to myself.

There will be one more this year and that's it *sniff*
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