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I need to have a talk with my inner soundtrack? The top five of the morning have been
  • I've Got a Golden Ticket/Oompa Loompa dance mix
  • Good Morning! Good Morning! from Sgt. Pepper (Bee Gees)

  • The Sound of Music - main theme
  • KOIT radio jingle
  • Everything is Beautiful by Ray Stevens


Taxes are done! Well, the federal has been efiled - refund due - yay! State? I owe. How'd that happen? Am currently debating on whether to efile (not only will have I have to pay the taxes, BUT also pay a fee to efile - adding insult to injury). Forms are printed out, so I actually will need to just mail them along with a check by April 15th.

Really enjoyed Theatreworks' production of Daddy Long Legs! I think I was grinning through the majority of the show =) It's been extended through February 23rd - Go see it! Still have to re-read book - it was one of my favorites growing up. My copy is in storage, so I'll either pick up a new one, or go to the library.
Tags: life, theatreworks

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