Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Just a 4 Hour Pass...

Today started out innocently enough. I walked up to Lee's and fed Rupert and then walked home. Walkies! Go Me!

Then I picked up Lee at the snf. She'd cleared the trip with her doctor earlier in the day. I'd picked up her walker the night before, so we were all set for her 4 hour escape from the snf. We stopped by the PT room, to show off her walker. She waved to a few of the staff and out the door the we went.

Went to Jim's for brunch for me, early lunch for her. Then to the mall so she could pick up some yarn and a surge protector. By that time, she'd run out of gas. I was sort of expecting that - this was the first she'd been out since she'd be admitted. We stopped by her apt to pick up a few things but she didn't want to chance the stairs at that point, so she waited in the car.

Got back to the snf at 1:30 to find a bit of a uproar. Nobody "knew" where she'd gone. Communication is NOT one of the finer points of this place. Lee was supposed to have signed out, but they're remodeling the main desk and lobby, so nothing's where it's supposed to be. Lee had no idea she was supposed to have signed out (like I said "communication"?). So we walked in the door, many of the staff were "excited" and one even had called George, Lee's brother on the phone.

Lee shoo'd me away at that point, and went to calm her brother down and and and ...

Then I made the mistake of going to Costco. With the football play off game on, you'd of thunk the store wouldn't be busy. Nope, nope, nope. It was a zoo! It felt like the day before Xmas. Today was the last day to use the sale coupons and guess who'd waited a bit too long? *sigh*

Nap time. I'm exhausted. Not so much physically, just mentally. Ugh.
Tags: lee, life

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