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Today started out with a trip to the Farmers Market with K & Alani. Alani had no interest in food, but much interest in the balloon lady. One brown balloon dog with a black leash brought her much joy.

Lunch at Kamakura's. Alani was starving and killed her bowl of udon with tofu. Miso soup too =) K & I had the bento box (yakitori, tempura, Ca roll, edamame and bits of this and that).

Met Liz at 2:30 for our class in Basic Necklace/Bracelet at Bead Inspirations. Had a blast learning how to finish off my necklace and bracelet - yay! I can crimp now! I've got a shiny black and purple glass bead necklace now *g*

T'was very, very dangerous in the store. Yes, I've got a lovely bead stash already, and I really didn't buy that many more beads. Really! I did buy several tools (crimper!) and crimping beads, covers, more wire and a beading tray. AND two chain maille kits. One is the 6-1 Japanese flower pattern. The 2nd is a byzantine bracelet. And two flat nose pliers.

My, those rings are awfully small. I'm supposed to get twelve 3mm rings around a 6.5mm ring. And then thread a second 6.5 mm through too. ACK! There's got to be an easier way. Round one goes to the kit. I'm not sure how many times I dropped the rings all over the place *sigh* Anybody have any suggestions? Tips?


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