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Donde esta el gato?

After a night of insomnia, I think I finally dropped off close to 5am. The winds kept me up - stupid scifi B movie which gave me nightmares when I was a kid.

Woke up around 11am and then rushed over to Lee's to feed Rupert. Did the usual, clean the litter box, fill the water bowls, put out dry and wet food. Hmm, no cat. Pulled out the can of treats and shook the can. Usually, I hear at least a "meow". Nope. Nada. Checked under the bed, in the closets, under the shelves. No Rupert. Okay, he'd been in the apt after I left last night, because the dry food bowl was empty.

The only other place I thought he could be was next door, but J's car was gone. Checked my messages and there it was. J had gotten home early and would go ahead and take care of Rupert today. In fact, Rupert was having a play day with her cat Moey next door.

Lunch with Alani & K at Applebee's, followed by a quick trip through Border's and then ice cream at Loard's.

Saturday, started out a phone call at 8am from Alani. "Auntie Debbie, can we have a play day? Go to San Francisco? The wharf? Rainforest Cafe??? *PLEEEEEEEEEASSSSSEEEE*" So, the kidlets and I went to feed Rupert and probably traumatized the poor cat (what is with these energetic small humans?) and had breakfast at Jim's with K. Then it was off to SF for a day at the wharf, a visit to the Bay Aquarium (family pass) and of course, a late lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Kyle ordered the Primal Steak. I think his dish alone was as much as what we paid for all of us for breakfast...

Visited with Lee - there's supposed to be another "big" meeting on Tuesday where they'll figure out what's on her treatment agenda. She's got an appt with an ENT on Thursday.

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