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New Year's Day week catch up...

Let's see, what happened after Christmas?
It turned out to be a very busy week!

  • Kidlets had a sleep over

  • Was going to have dinner with Lee on Saturday, but it got postponed

  • Had breakfast at Jim's with Lee the next morning instead

  • Went to Tokyo Fish Market and it was pretty empty - they're usually open the Sunday before New Year's. Bought everything except fish

  • Work was insane Monday - Wednesday

  • Tuesday: Lovely fondue dinner at Foxy's - had to break in his new fondue pot. YUM

  • Mickey Mouse Waffles on Wednesday at work

  • December 31st - G, the kidlets and I made mochi. Alani and Kyle promptly had 3 each!

  • Delievered mochi

  • Went to Tokyo Fish Market for fish and it was a ZOO!!! The check out lines ran from one end of the store to the other

  • Celebrated K's birthday - G made prime rib and lots of garlic mashed potatoes!

  • Kidlets slept over. My sister loves me, yes she does. She fed the kidlets lots of birthday cake and then sent them to my place. They were bouncing off the ceiling until a bit after 11pm

  • Made the usual oshogatsu stuff. Had to start all over with the shiitake mushrooms after finding the stupid package of dessicant had fallen into the bowl. Good thing I had stocked up on packages of shiitake. Realized it was midnight when I heard the fireworks

  • Had our oshogatsu brunch - lots of ozoni soup with fresh mochi. And fish! Yum!

  • K, kidlets and I walked up to Park Street to see Avatar in 3D. Very pretty, but predictable. T'was fun

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