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Christmas and other stuff

One thing I forgot to mention - the evening before Dicken's Faire, herefox and I did a little holiday shopping at Lush. Bath bombs! Soap! Stuff that normally disolves when it comes in contact with water! Everything is wrapped up in paper and put into paper bags. This is usually a good thing UNLESS it's pouring rain and you've got to walk a mile from Union Square to the Ferry Building. Thankfully, only one bath bomb exploded... For more detail, read here Hee!

Drove the kidlets crazy. They came over and saw presents underneath my purple tree (yes! I put up a tree. No decorations or lights - maybe next year). Presents with lots of ribbon but NO GIFT TAGS. "Who are they for?" "Oh somebody" *weg*

The Wednesday before Chrismtas, met trektone for dinner at eVe in Berkeley. Traffic was horrendous (why is it when I need to get some place to meet Joey, traffic always is against me????) and it took over 2 hours to get there from work. Thankfully, the restaurant was not packed and Joey can keep himself occupied *g*. We got all 9 items on the tasting menu to share. Yum. Risotto with baby scallops! I could eat a bowl of that by itself and be very happy. T'was lovely to chat with Joey. Got to meet Chefs Chris and Veronica too!

I actually made cookies this year! Peanut Butter Blossoms. I think we quadrupled the recipe. Kidlets had a blast.

Christmas Eve Day: Took the kidlets to the chapel. Kyle and Alani love picking out the flowers - lots of chrysanthemums, carnations and a red rose for Mom & Dad. We had lunch at Kamakura's - Mrs. Yamato gave the kids botan candy too! (Usually she only gives it out as after dinner treats)

9:30am Christmas morning: The kidlets were very excited. Kyle said "Santa put HP sauce in my stocking!!!!" Had to wait for S to arrive. G made pancakes, bacon and an egg scramble. Alani was very excited about her American Girl pet carrier, pet bed, and dog Honey. Kyle had to wait almost until the end until he got his Kingdom Heart ds game. It was hidden in the bag of socks hee hee. The kidlets each got an ipod shuffle from G & S. We all go tickets to see Ovo from Santa K.

Christmas dinner at the Adachi's. Had long chats with Anne, Craig and Lynn. Kyle really looks forward to all the crab. Luke and the kidlets had a great time - pillow fight and Luke started it all...
Luke_Kyle_Alani_12-25-09 Luke, Kyle and Alani - Chrismas 2009

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