Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Last Thoughts of 2009

  • My sister loves me, yes, she does. She fed her kidlets chocolate cake and then sent them over to my place for a sleep over. Yes, it's 11:20pm and the kidlets are still madly giggling as they try to be QUIET

  • Be very careful next time while emptying out the package of dried shiitake mushrooms. There's this little packet of desiccant that you're not supposed to eat or anything. I found it as I was throwing the rehydrated mushrooms into the pot of broth. Had to throw everything out and start all over again.

Tags: kidlets, new year's

  • F* Cancer

    Found at late yesterday afternoon that coworker & friend Toni had passed away from appendix cancer. Oh damn.

  • NYC - February 7th through 11th - Part 3

    Thursday - Snowpocolypse!!! Wednesday had been sunny, mid 60's - shorts weather. Thursday, I awoke to all this white stuff falling from the skies.…

  • NYC - February 7th through 11th - Part 2

    Wednesday started out with a quick walk around the neighborhood. Walking up either 2nd or 3rd, saw a guy checking out his phone while walking his…

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