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It's that time of year again...

Have had an enjoyable birthday. I am now the age of the answer to all the questions of the universe, or something like that. Do I know what to do with my own life? Yeah, right. Anyway, this is what happened on my 42nd birthday...

Rolled out of bed around 9:30 or so - Mat was already awake and sitting at the computer. We were meeting Lee & Alex at 11am for a fun trip to Dark Carnival and lunch at Zachary's pizza. Lee had originally suggested Pizza Unos down at Jack London Square but 1) I'm driving and 2) it's my birthday meant that I chose *evil grin*

Mat grumpily told me that somebody had called at 7:30AM to sing me happy birthday and that somebody else had called at 8:30 or so to do the same thing. Poor Mat - this is what always happens on my birthday. I do the same thing to my friends & family on their birthdays. Have to make sure that their day starts out with a cheery birthday greeting and if one has to call at 6am, one does *g*

Running a bit late as usual. Had to stop by Urban Forest (Celtic store on Park Street) - one of the tee shirts that Mat had bought there last Thursday was mislabeled by about two sizes. I also needed to stop by Long's for camera batteries (not that it helped - camera died - short somewhere) Picked up Lee & Alex and we spent the next hour or so among the nooks and crannies of DC. Lovely. Book Bliss =) Ur Sid, the Norbear, had his picture taken with DC's owner Jack. Jack's desk is *interesting* Smurf blue Mac, lots of knick knacks and stuff.

Birthday Prezzie!!! Lee & Mat got me a copy of Bending the Landscape - the one with one of Alex's stories. Got to get Alex to sign it *g* Other lovely prezzies - School House Rock DVD and my own Birthday bath & shower gel of lilac, bergamot & woodstock from Kev. Mat gave me The Producers cd and the Chronotrigger/Final Fantasy IV playstation game. The Samelsons got me at bear from Make Your Own Bear - just have to go adopt a new plushie. =)

After our book buying spree, we toodled over to Zachary's (and I parallel parked Eeyore II - GO ME!) Mat & I ordered a medium stuffed pizza - half cheese/half Mediterranean (artichoke hearts, bell peppers, green olives, feta & jack cheeses). Lee & Alex went with a thin crust sausage, onions and something else. YUM. Ur Sid watched us eat these curious concoctions, but preferred his meal of baked corn.

Did the Bridge tour for Alex. Drove from Berkeley to the Golden Gate Bridge via the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge. Walked a ways across and under the Golden Gate. We all turned an interesting shade of blue - the fog was rolling through pushed on by a strong, chilly wind.

Then we took Alex down Lombard Street and then drove along Fishermans' Wharf to back home via the Bay and Park Street bridges. Dropped Alex & Lee off at Lee's for an evening of fun. Mat & I ended up at the Alves' for an evening of snuggling with Kyle & Alani. I was going through kiddie withdrawl!!! Needed my fix. Kyle sang me Happy Birthday... "ah sweetie" *sigh*

Back to my apt, where we had a guilty pleasure type meal of MacDonald's (love those super size french fries) and then watched Buffy season II episodes until 12:30am
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