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I am sooo behind in posting. I kept thinking that I didn't want to post about the newest thing without posting about the past first...

December's sort of gone by in a flash =)

  • See's Candy distribution was quick. The delivery came first thing in the morning, so I was able to process it at lunch.

  • Alani's first Dicken's Faire - herefox and I took her to tea first. She loved the hot cocoa in its own little teapot. T'was great fun watching her look out the tea shoppe's "window" at the street scenes - especially with Ebeneezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley's ghost. She liked the jugglers and the singing. lilacfairy had the "wobbles" as she calls it and didn't make it. Kyle didn't make it either because he had a term project due.

  • Dept Holiday Lunch was held at All Seasons Cafe and Crepery. Food was tasty and the white elephant exchange went off okay. New rules. Each item could only be stolen 3 times max. 3rd thief got to keep it. The tequila, the wines, the whiskey, $10 dollars in pennies and the New Moon soundtrack were the most traded. I got the Jack Daniels whiskey, not sure what I'm going to do with it.
    Saw Ninja Assassin with several co-workers - blood, blood, blood a la Monty Python & Kill Bill. We all agreed that we should have seen something else.
    RCMEA party immediately after. The word's out about what a great party it is. It's packed! Adilah won the grand prize - a big TV!

  • Enjoyed Theatreworks' "A Civil War Christmas"

  • Got all my shopping done early. Presents were not only wrapped but RIBBONED!

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