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You'd think it was Monday...

Rainy asked earlier today if anybody else was feeling like it was Monday with all the chaos and grumpiness that goes along with it.'s been feeling that way since the end of the A's game last night. Last night's sleep was not great - was feeling all wound up and grouchy. Much tossing and turning.

Overslept of course. Hit the snooze bar one time too many. I had wanted to make it to the polling place by 7, so that I could get to work by 8, but it wasn't to be. Did get there by 7:30. Had to wait while the people before me took forever to cast their ballot. Trying to find one's candidate among the 135 (yay for randomness!) was a royal pain.

Took another eternity to get to work - here an accident, there an accident, every where an accident. *sigh* 10 minutes from work got paged - called in and found out there was mess in payroll. It was not a good day. Fixed mess. Dave, one of the techies, took much joy in teasing me about MY baseball team. He'd better be careful. One does NOT mess around with the payroll programmer. His next check might be missing a decimal or two. *weg*

Got home tonight and found out that the house painters had cleaned bottom half of house (so far... I think). Not sure how they did it, but they managed to splash water all over my entrance way. Dirty water. All over my mail. Must have come through the mail slot. More grrrrrrrrrr. The rug is not soaking or anything, but it's just ONE MORE DAMN THING. *sigh*

Dragged out garbage can. It should have been empty. Lo and behold, I find a full bag of garbage. There is a reason why I labeled MY garbage can with MY APT NUMBER. It makes me crazy. I was very tempted to empty it out on the side of the house. It's not the first time. Well, one good thing - at least nobody was in or blocking my driveway.

And then there's this whole stupid governor terminator crap.

Is not fair to have Monday last more than 24 hours.
Oh, and tomorrow, is not looking much better. Have the oh so joyful annual bosom smash appointment.

Crabby, aren't I? *grin*
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