Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Invaded again!

Thar be kidlets in my apt again =)

Starving kidlets. Alani just ate 5 Mickey Mouse waffles plus carrots. Kyle had a bowl of udon and a polish sausage and carrots. They were dropped off at my place after going to the Alameda Jujitsu Club promotions.

Kyle came running up to me and said "I didn't know you had a blue belt!" *g* Way back in the day, cuz K and other friends were into it, I played too =) Janice is a black belt (don't know what level she's up to now) and teaches. K has her brown belt (I don't know what level). I just stuck it out until I got my first belt. Kyle is now talking about taking classes...

Entire family has some kind of cold (not flu). For me, I have to say "Thank you Alison" (co-worker who has a humdinger of a cold and I spent time with her during the week).

Kidlets are currently watching Zathura - early bedtime tonight I think.
Tags: kidlets

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