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Guess that's why they call it the blues...

Well, the baseball season is over for the A's.


I am exhausted. Just all the emotional energy that is expended during a 9 inning game - yelling and screaming, clapping and hoping... I think we spent majority of the game on our feet.

Bottom of the 9th. A's down by one run. Two outs. Bases are loaded. Terence Long strikes out. Game over. Season over.


Go Cubs!!!

Other things. Decided to try the NaNoWrino- write a novel in a month challenge. It looks like fun. The object is to finish a 50K word story. Doesn't matter how well written - just to get it done.

This sounds a lot like my trapezoid afghan. It was my therapy while Mom was in the hospital. My main goal was to finish it and I did. One of the craft few projects I actually completed *. If I had stopped to fix it when I figured out that it was no longer symmetrical, it wouldn't have ever been done. I just crocheted for a solid month - 6 feet worth of blanket. You can tell how tense I was at the beginning - the stitches were very tight - that was dealing with Mom's cancer surgery and all the rest of the stuff that went wrong. By the end of the blanket, I still had the same number of stitches (well, pretty close), but they were much looser - Mom was getting better and would soon be going home.

* (We won't talk about all the quilting stuff I've got crammed in my closet or the granny squares that need to be crocheted together or my dollhouse that still needs wall paper)
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