Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Books Read In November

Whitefeather, SheriImminent Affair
Robb, J.D.; Gaffney, Patricia; Blayney, Mary;
Langan, Ruth Ryan
The Lost: Missing In Death; The Dog Days of Laurie Summers; Lost in Paradise; Legacy
Robb, J.D.Kindred in Death
Lovelace, MerlineTime Raiders: The Protector
Lee, Sharon; Miller, SteveMisfitsre-read
Lee, RachelProtector of Onere-read
Cassidy, CarlaThe Cowboy's Secret Twins
Butcher, ShannonThe Burning Alive: The Sentinal Wars
Briggs, PatriciaThe Hob's Bargainre-read
Barant, D.D.Dying Bites: The Bloodhound Files
Wiggs, SusanAt The King's Command (aka Dancing In Air)re-read I hate it when they rename a book
Cashmore, KristinFire
Wiggs, SusanAt The Queen's Summonsre-read
Wiggs, SusanThe Maiden's Handre-read

Tags: books

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