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In Memory of Yoshi June Obikane 1916-2009

Today was another family gathering, but it was to say our final good byes to Auntie Yoshi.

She was Mom's oldest sister, born in Isleton, CA on April 29, 1916 and passed away in San Jose, CA on November 9, 2009. She leaves behind her daughter Lucy, and sons Mike (aka Mickey) and Dennis, 5 grandchildren and several great grandchildren.

Auntie Yoshi looked at the world with a child like wonder. Always interested in new things, taking great joy where ever she could find it. "OOO Shiney!" comes to mind when I think of her. She played a mean shamisen and loved to line dance. She loved to play the slots. Sometimes, Lucy and I would take our moms and the aunties to Reno. We'd try to keep our eyes on them, but "whoosh", turn our backs, and they'd be gone.

Lucy and I took her and Auntie Nobuko to Reno, and we'd go for a late night snack. "Oh, I'm not hungry", she'd say. Then, because we knew better, we'd order several dishes, and she'd eat her fill. "I guess I was hungry after all" she'd say in astonishment.

She was stubborn (aren't they all???) and knew her mind. There's a story that Grandpa bought her a piano as a bribe. She was very possessive of that piano and did not allow her next younger sister (May) to play it, but did allow her next next younger sister (Nobuko).

So pretty much, the people who were at Thanksgiving, some cousins from LA, Lucy and her family and Dennis were all there to say farewell. Dinner at Okayama restaurant afterwards - lots of yakking and visiting.

Mickey was out here earlier in the week, but as he'd made his travel plans prior to when the service was scheduled, he had to miss it.

I can now say I've met Dennis twice. Of all my first cousins, he was the only one I had not met until recently. Auntie Yoshi told her boys "You can't visit me if I'm dead", so they did come and visit her in 2004.

Yoshi Ike Obikane
Born: April 29, 1916 Isleton, CA - Passed: November 9, 2009 San Jose, CA. Yoshi "June" Obikane was a loving daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She had a style and personality which had a wonderful way of making everyone around her smile. Her energy and love of life will be dearly missed by her friends and family. Public Services will be held Saturday, November 28th at 3:00 PM at the Willow Glen Funeral Home, 1039 Lincoln Ave., San Jose, 95125 In lieu of flowers, donations will be welcomed in the name of the deceased at: Yu-Ai Kai - 588 N. 4th St. San Jose, 95112 or The Japanese-American Museum of San Jose - 565 N. 6th. St. San Jose, 95112.

Published in San Jose Mercury News on November 28, 2009
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