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Thanksgiving 2009

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Yesterday started out with Keoki-chan playing KH at 6:30AM. I abandoned the couch, went to my bed and slept for another hour or so.

Decided on baked yams - lightly buttered them, wrapped them in foil and baked them in the oven for an hour. Next up, Mickey Mouse waffles, cuz by that time? Alani was AWAKE and STARVING...

Made spanakopitas - no trouble with the phyllo dough this year - YAY! Mexican dip next =)

Finger jello plated using Japanese cookie cutters. The concept of trying to keep the remainder jello to a minimum didn't quite get through. The kidlets had a blast, but there were lots of remainders! They built a rainbow tower of jello flowers. I hope somebody took a pic of it. By the end of the day, the plate was wiped clean. =)

There were lots of little ones - who ate lots of jello. Very cool =) Kyle and Brendan spent most of the day chasing after each other with light saber fights interspersed. Luc really liked the light sabers =) Joshua, once he got over being woken up from his nap, had a blast with the Thomas the Tank Train railroad and the Wheels on the Bus bus. "The wheels on the bus go round and round..." London made new friends with everybody who'd gave her finger jello.

T'was the usual eclectic buffet: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rice, string beans, sushi, eggplant parmigiana, cranberry sauce (canned and home made), yams, flank steak, duck, chicken, ham, tsukemono, chili, swedish rolls, shirae, char siu, spanakopitas, tossed salad, fruit salad, chow mein, egg rolls, spam musubi and lots of gravy! I'm sure I've missed a few things =)

We ended up moving the Mexican dip over to the table where the aunties happily munched on chips and dip. They also discovered the fruit flavored juice squeezers and they tried the various flavors - one of them enjoyed their drink out of the Rainforest Cafe light up cup =)

Cousins Michael (19), Kenji (20) and Aaron (43) are sure to be sore today. Between the light saber fights and then running the kids around at the park - no frills tag (with no tag back). Aaron climbed to the top of the swings and thus stayed out of reach until Kenji lifted one of the kids up to tag him. I could just see the little wheels turning in Kyle's head as he figured out how Kenji got to the top of the swings. Thanks, Kenji.

Had debated about giving Aaron a bottle of advil

Little Connor had much fun walking around with Grandpa Skip.

Alani and Miya had fun making silly pictures on Alani's ds. They're both a little shy, and the "boys" are just so "destructive", ya know.

It was a bittersweet gathering. Remembered Auntie Yoshi and Mom and past gatherings. We'll be seeing most of the same people on Saturday at Auntie Yoshi's Memorial Service. We're down to the three aunties and one uncle up here and Auntie Hey and Uncle Mits down in LA.

It was very joyful to have all the little ones running around, but that also meant that people left early. Last person left around 8:30 or so, and we were done with clean up by a bit after 10. I was home in bed by 11pm.
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