Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Thanksgiving Prep

Current head count is between 40-45. There will be little ones this year! Mikayla (4 months), Joshua (almost 2), London (1 1/2), Luc (4?), Miya (3? 4?), Connor (less than a year) plus Brendan and Kyle (both 10) and Alani (8).

Things I need to do on Wednesday:

  • Safeway: onion soup mix, carrots, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, radishes, tomatoes (cherry and roma), lettuce, yams, chips, hummus???

  • Scalise's: pork for char siu

  • Chinatown: duck, chicken and chow mein

  • Boniere's: 4 dozen swedish rolls

  • slice up salami and cheese

  • prep veggies for veggie platter

  • prep tomatoes and lettuce for Mexican dip

  • chop onions for spanakopitas

  • Make 5 pans of finger jello

Kidlets will be over to help make finger jello and to hang out. They'll be having a sleep over too =)

Things to do on Thursday:

  • Make spanakopitas

  • Bake yams

  • Plate finger jello using new flower cookie cutters

  • Pick up 5 bags of ice

  • Pick up flowers

Tags: thanksgiving

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