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Catch Up...

Last Saturday, I met up with trektone for Dashe Cellars' Spanish Open House. Spanish music, flamenco dancers, lots zin AND PAELLA! Pictures from the event can be seen here.

It was very cool to watch Chef Gerard and helper make 3 humongous pans of paella! Very tasty too. Yum, yum, yum. There were two seafoods and one vegetarian.

Tasted a reisling, late harvest zin, grenache, a merlot, some cabs and lots of zin. Fun catching up with Joey as usual.

Wednesday, me and the kidlets had a play date. We took the ferry over to the Pier 39. Lunch as usual at the Rainforest Cafe, followed by a trip through the Bay Aquarium. Kyle talked to one naturalist about the different types of teeth. Alani talked with another about the chinchillas and hedgehogs. In fact, they had much fun with an up close and personal visit with the hedgehog. They enjoyed the touch pools too. =)

A bit of shopping around Pier 39 and some walrus and seal watching and then the ferry trip home. Stopped at the bookstore for our fix.

Change in the weekend schedule as pezazul cancelled his trip out here on Thursday due to his grandmother's illness and then passing. =(

Still waiting to hear about when Auntie Yoshi's funeral will take place. I'm thinking it'll be a memorial service rather than a funeral at this point. Buddhist funerals are supposed to take place within seven days.
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