Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Ugh. Motion sick again. Kyle was over after school, playing Radiata Stories again. S came to pick the kidlets up and Kyle was right in the middle of a story bit. He wasn't happy, was afraid that he'd lose the two hours he'd been playing. So, Auntie Deb to rescue. Had to finish up the story bit, then figure out just WHERE the save point was and then find it. After 15 minutes of going up and down and around and around, I looked at the instructions and it showed me the map option. You know the map where it shows you where you are and where the dratted save point is?

15 minutes of watching the character Jack run (he kind of walks with a funky hip shimmy). Motion sick. blearg.

Last Friday, Alani and I went to the Girl Scout store. We picked up her Brownie handbook and try it pamphlets, her Brownie uniform - vest, blue shirt, tie and pants, various pins, emblems and official stuffed doggie. They even have badges for sale. Hmmm. Due to circumstances out of my control, I never got my last year of Junior badges. I worked hard for them and was very, very disappointed. Maybe that's why I still have my Junior handbook with the various badges signed off and my sash.
Tags: kidlets

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