Debbie (debmats) wrote,

St. Louis and the Journey Home

Monday, October 26th:

Woke up at 10:30am. AUGH! Checked into Southwest and got boarding pass B33. It was okay. I should have done it an hour earlier. Oh well.

Stopped by the Fox Theatre so Kev could exchange tickets. Unfortunately there was only one window open and the people ahead of us had several transactions each.

Noodle place for lunch

Penzey's. A dangerous place. I'm in the process of clearing out my old spices and restocking. Considering that there is a shop in Menlo Park, just one train stop down that I could go to - I still end up going to the one in St. Louis. Go figure.

Border's. Needed my monthly romance fix. They had Rachel Caine's Fade Out there too, though the street date is actually next week. I'd already gotten my copy from the dealers' room. *g*

Dinner was at an asian buffet. A little chinese, a little japanese, thai, mongolian bbq, vietnamese and american... The pho was good, though the chef was a little grouchy. The stuffed crab was good too.

More yakking. We all did the internet thing - Kev and Christopher with their laptops, me with my blackberry *g*

Christopher dropped me off at the airport on Tuesday. Got a window seat and slept most of the way across country again. G picked me up at airport (my bag was one of the first off yay!) and I was home before 2pm.
Tags: friends, st. louis

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