Debbie (debmats) wrote,

OVFF con't

Sunday, October 25th:

Diney & John met us at the hotel for breakfast. Finally used the free breakfast coupons. We ended up with enough for our breakfast and gave the rest to the kids at another table.

It is much fun being an "enabler" in the dealers room. Hee! Well, Tammy and Kev do not have lots of filk stuff yet. Must expand their horizons. *weg*

There are plans to go to OVFF next year - Urban Tapestry is the GOH!!!!

Starbucks run, followed by a stop at Jeni's. They have stryrofoam containers and dry ice so you can take ice cream home AND if you buy six pints, they'll provide the container and ice for free. Between Tammy and Kev, there were 6 pints bought. I enjoyed another scoop of the goat cheese and roasted cherries ice cream. Yum!

Trip back to Danville was uneventful. I slept (so what else is new?).

Got to see Dan, though neither Kev nor I pitched in to help gather leaves. Lots and lots and lots of trees = way too many leaves to deal with. After a rest break, Kev and I drove back to St. Louis. Dinner at a MacDonald's somewhere between Indiana and Illinois.

Christopher! Kitties! My, Isabelle has gotten fluffier *weg*

We yakked and watched some "How do they do that" shows (addicting) until very late.

Tags: filk, friends, ovff

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