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Wednesday, October 21st:
Woke up OMG early - taxi picked me up at 5:20 and dropped me off at Oakland Airport. Checked my bag and got through security with plenty of time for a bagel and cream cheese from Starbucks.

Uneventful trip across country - slept through most of it. Lucked out and didn't have to change planes either going or returning. Yay for Southwest!

pezazul picked me up in St. Louis. There was a cold diet pepsi (plus more in the cooler) waiting for me in the car. I am loved! We drove to tammy_g's over in Danville, IN. Stopped at Ol'Mac's in Collinsville for dinner - a certain person is playing the Monopoly game. Tammy had dp in the fridge waiting for me too =)

Yakked until late, munched on freshly baked scones (YUM!!!) - much giggling =)

Thursday, October 22nd:

Up and on the road by 9:30. Next stop, ABR Imagery - a lampworker's paradise. Glass, glass and more glass! Lots of toys and boy did Tammy & Kev spend much. I had volunteered to hold credit cards if necessary =)

Had lunch at the Farm. I showed my love for Tammy and Kev, by knocking over my soda. At least this time, I didn't totally soak Tammy like I did in Montreal. OOpsy. Tammy & Kev split the fried chicken special and said it was some of the best chicken they'd ever had. My reuben was tasty and Iloved the spicy brown mustard.

Made it to OVFF around 6ish? Saw mbumby (yay!!) in the lobby (what is it with Margaret and lobbies??) and she took up through the maze to where OVFF registration was. The hotel was at one end of the block and the conference area was on the other end. Walk, walk, walk, walk... I really like the messenger bag with the OVFF logo and wolf howling (singing!!!) at the moon that we all got.

Called undinesprite. She and marmalade_jack met us at Greek Corner. They'd already eaten, but kept us company. We got the spread combo (Hummus, spicy feta cheese and skordalia (galic mashed potatoes, olive oil). I got the lamb pita platter with rice pilaf and salad. Tasty!

Went back to the hotel and yakked until late. Poor John had to go to work the next day, so it wasn't too late =)
Tags: friends, ovff, travel

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