Debbie (debmats) wrote,

There are pillow stealing kidlets in my bed. I did buy them their own down pillows, but did they remember to bring them? Nope.

Computer is doing the constant crash thing every time I try to do a back up. Maybe, in part, it's the external back up drive that is not happy either. Most of the system is backed up - it's mainly balking at copying over "My Music" folder. I'm having to check each folder to make sure everything got copied. Still have to copy over the programs and windows folders and confirm that all of "My Documents" copied over *sigh*

herefox took a look at my computer, but he's thinking it's time I bought a new one.

One of the techies at work is willing to look over my computer. I'll drop it by his desk when I go into the office on Monday. If I don't have a working computer at home, that means I'll be temporarily giving up telecommute days *more sighs*

Traffic has been horrible...
Tags: computer, kidlets

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