Debbie (debmats) wrote,

5 loads of laundry done. Yay! Go Me! Talk about procrastinating... between being sick and just lazy, I had to do laundry. Had finally talked myself into doing it on Friday, but it was not meant to be. Laundry plumbing was under the TLC of Rotor Rooter.

Today, I kept checking, but the machines were in use, so I finally just lugged two baskets down to the laundromat. At least it's quick.

Cold is just about gone except for the annoying cough from hell. Everything's fine except that something sets off a cough fit. blearg.

Last Thursday, herefox and I saw Theatrework's production of The Chosen. I enjoyed it, but Foxy was probably ready to leave by intermission.

This Wednesday, I've got a 7am flight out of Oakland to St. Louis. I get to meet up with pezazul and then we're meeting up with tammy_g to go to OVFF!

Get to see undinesprite and marmalade_jack too!
Tags: life, ovff, theatreworks

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