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Twenty Years Ago Today...

At 5:04 pm, I was sitting on my bed reading - the tv was on in the living room while I waited for the third game of the Bay Bridge World Series to start. Oakland vs San Francisco! Woowee! Then everything started shaking from side to side. Okay, earthquake. Then things started shaking up and down. 15 seconds? I heard the book shelf in the living room fall over and the crash of some of my lladros go smash. My dresser mirror fell over and knocked the bedroom door off its hinges.

Called Mom. She, Karen and Gayle were all at home and fine. Auntie Haru was okay. Auntie Asako and Uncle Taro were fine. Checked on my landlady, but she wasn't home. Went outside and talked with neighbors. Saw the devastation on Bill's tv - collapse of the Cypress Structure and the Bay Bridge.

Thought about the earthquake while I rode the ferry to and from SF - especially as I passed underneath the Bay Bridge. Weird.

Today's ferry trip was really quick. I just wanted to hit a few stores at the ferry building, so I took the 3:45pm ferry to the ferry building - which got me there at 4:30. Then I took the 5:10 home.


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Oct. 18th, 2009 02:52 pm (UTC)
I remember that series! I won $700 in a pool. We were watching the pregame and it suddenly went black, but the audio was still going. They laughed and said there was a little earthquake, then stopped laughing, then nothing.... Lisa was able to get through to her parents in San Leandro but someone broke into the call and said if it wasn't an emergency, they needed to get off so the lines were available. They were fine, but we didn't hear anything from them again for a couple of days. Great series, though.

I looooove the ferry building stores (and the farmer's market). My favorite stop in the City.
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