Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Weird dreams and other stuff

Had another very vivid dream last night. Dreamt that I was in an upper story restaurant somewhere in Chinatown. Was able to look out the window to red brick building across the street. Looked like stores on the bottom level, not food stuff. Perhaps an apothecary (sp) on the left corner. Saw smoke coming out of basement window. Black smoke. Lots of it. People were just walking by, ignoring it. Soon there were flames shooting out of the 2nd story pipes.

Quick switch to another Asian place. A church perhaps? Walked through a room filled with lots of porcelain vases, stacked to the ceiling. Had to go up these rickety stairs to get an offering envelope? It looked like a recipe box - and there was an envelope with my name on it. Was carrying small child - not Alani or Kyle - a little boy in a blue jeans jacket. Coming back down, watched as railing fell over, hitting a stack of vases.

It was weird as I knew I was dreaming.

Hmmm... maybe there was something in the air on Sunday.

Was supposed to go to dinner with trektone last Thursday, but work was insane. Didn't get off work until after 8pm. Had to pick something up from herefox, so we ended up grabbing a bite to eat at the pizza place by his place.

Friday, my 9/80 day off, slept in a bit. Read the newest Iris Johansen. Ran errands - grocery store, picked up new prescription, did a bit of shopping for sillermoon. Usual house warming stuff: toilet paper, paper towels, some food stuff... Picked up Foxy at BART and we headed over to Costco - I was almost OUT of diet pepsi. Not a good thing. We went over to Luciano's for dinner. Love their polenta with mushrooms. Yum...

Saturday, ended up taking car to Big O Tires as back passenger side tire had a slow leak. Discovered a brand new screw (probably leftover from the roofers of last week) stuck in tire. Grrr.... Picked up last bit of groceries for Siller's house warming gift, then went to Kaybees to buy a second controller so that we could play soul calibur II later on. Was sad that Walden's didn't have Paladin of Souls *sniff*. Quick lunch at Taco Bell's and then picked up car with tire all fixed.

Picked up lilacfairy and did the drive up to Davis. Instructions were very clear, but we couldn't find Shasta St. When we stopped seeing houses and all we saw was farmland, figured we had gone too far. Found out that Shasta was the street on the left side and Sutter Place was the street on the right side. Davis has lousy street signs. They either hidden by trees or bushes, weirdly placed or just plain missing.

Siller's place is lovely. I'd love a house that big. Of course I'd need about a million dollars *sigh*.

Lots of hugs - hadn't seen her in over two years! On the road again to Costco & Safeway. She needed to stock up her fridge. Much easier to do with a van than a bike. Had dinner at an Asian fusion place. Was good - though my bowl of noodles needed a bit of hot pepper, I think.

Currently reading Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold. Border's in Davis, by the way, has the book filed under McMaster instead of Bujold.
Tags: bower, dreams, friends

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