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Rats! Killed yet another keyboard. Not sure what I did. It was fine before I rebooted the system and then nothing. Checked the plug, cleaned the keyboard... Nothing.

I didn't even spill anything on it this time. $60 down the drain.

Yesterday, Kyle woke me up at exactly 6am - he played another hour on RS. I debated about getting up and crawling back into my bed, but then Alani came out and snuggled with me instead.

Old MacDonald's for pancakes. Dropped Kyle off for his soccer game and then Alani, K and I went to the Farmers Market. Tomatoes! Alani wanted watermelon so there was watermelon.

Looked at the A's tickets. OOPS. It was a 1pm game, not 6pm. Have no idea how I got it mixed up. Could have exchanged the tickets for three, but Alani did NOT want to go to the game, so I went by myself. She & K went to the movies instead.

Got to the ballpark and found out the tickets I'd won were directly across the aisle from my old season tickets seats *g*

A's win! 8-4 Yay! Despite sun screen, I got a little fried.

K & I went out for dinner at Black Angus again. Meat! Actually, what I had been craving was a baked potato...

Was having a quiet day today. Then Liz came by and we went for a walk along the beach. No kite surfers were out - not enough breeze I guess. Yak, yak, yak

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