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Decided to go by myself to the game tonight. Karen's got an icky head cold, so she stayed home. There was a chance that the A's could clinch the division.

I've never actually been at a game where they clinched a play off position - be it the division or the wild card. I had to leave the game early the one time I was there on the day they clinched. (Poor Kyle sweetums ended up at emergency with a cold/asthma attack so we ditched the game asap once we got the call from gayle)

The game was a bit nerve wracking. They had been ahead until the 6th? 7th? inning when Texas tied it up. Then in the top of the 9th, Greene hit a homer to give Texas the lead. Augh!!!! The A's managed to tie the game in the bottom half with a double by Jermaine Dye which scored Chris Singleton. A's won in the 10th on a bases loaded single by Adam Melhouse! Yay!!!

Magic Number was down to ONE.

There were two elderly ladies sitting in front of me. One of them was bouncing around just like Kyle all the way through the game. She kept saying stuff like "I can't look!!" and screaming encouragements to the A's and Angels. I sure hope I have her enthusiasm and joy when I get to be her age =)

Ended up watching the last two innings of the Angels vs Mariners game on the giant scoreboard. It's really weird when you've got thousands of A's fans cheering for the Angels. "LET'S GO ANGELS!!!" Oy. Bottom of the 11th, Tim Salmon hit a game winning homer and the Mariners were defeated.

A's magic number was ZERO. A's win the western division championship.

The players did a victory lap around the field (after they did the champagne showers in the club house) and lots of cheering and yelling and fun stuff *g*

T'was a wonderful time.

Playoffs start on Tuesday. Got my tickets. Maybe by then I'll have my voice back. I'm ready *weg*



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Sep. 24th, 2003 10:48 am (UTC)
Go Giants! Go A's! In that order ...
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