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Sep. 12th, 2009

Today, trektone took me out to celebrate my birthday in 5 parts.

The day started out with brunch at Brown Sugar Kitchen. Corn meal waffles with real maple syrup, fried chicken, smoked pork hash, eggs, beignets, and cheddar cheese grits. Oy. Yum. Lots of good conversation =)

Then it was off to see Star Trek on an imax screen. OOOh pretty. T'was fun to watch and catch the stuff I missed the first time. I did see the tribble. Lots of popcorn...

Dark Carnival! Spent an hour searching the stacks. Broke down and picked up the novelization of the Star Trek movie. Joey treated me to half my stack of books =)

Dinner at A Cote. I think the last time I'd been there was when we celebrated lilacfairy's new job at Books, Inc. Small plates - Little Gem salad with pears and spiced pecans, corn and mushroom fritters, pomme frites (of course). Rabbit sausage with apple sauce, water cress, potatoes and creme fraiche. Hazel nut covered halibut with beets, carrots and potatoes. Butter beans and spinach. Would get everything again except for the halibut I think. Maybe get the mussels next time. Got a Basque red wine flight with dinner. One of the wines had a definite "grassy" smell. Liked the other one better =)

Back to my apt to watch videos. Joey was very mysterious about these videos. Just so long as he didn't have videos like the ones Joycie would surprise me with, life was good.

Safe! Well, sort of - one was a tape of a filk panel from Conclave 1987 featuring trektone (oooh look at that hair! what big glasses you have!), jecklar and folkmew, with an appearance by ohiblather. Cool! Another was of Playing Rapunzel. The third one wouldn't play - that was of FKO 2007. It had the version of Sholem done by Playing Rapunzel and Urban Tapestry. *sniff*

Thank you Joey!



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Sep. 13th, 2009 03:10 pm (UTC)
Joey is a good friend. That sounds like a lovely birthday.

I don't remember the filk panel from the 1987 ConClave, for all that you mention three of my favorite people. It would be great fun to see the video. I do remember that Gene Wolfe did a screamingly funny "slide show" of that year's WorldCon. He had no slides, just a screen that he pointed to and told us what we'd see on it if there were a slide displayed. He brilliantly described the most absurd moments of the WorldCon; having lived through those moments myself, I literally wept with laughter.
Sep. 14th, 2009 04:08 am (UTC)
Yes, Gene Wolfe was an excellent guest! And he and Rosemary were so nice to me!
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