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Catch Up...

As I walked from the escalator to baggage claim, I was greeted by the yells of "Auntie Debbie!!! Auntie Debbie!!!" from Kyle and Alani as they ran toward me. Lots of hugs when they collided with me. *warm fuzzies*

Kidlets had a sleepover. Keoki-chan was full of joy - he finished Kingdom Hearts 2!

What is it about Target? Liz and I spent like two hours there, just going up and down the aisles. Lunch at one of the ubiquitous Hawaiian places...

herefox and I saw Ernest Shackleton Loves Me as part of the Theatreworks New Works Festival. Yay for Groovelily!

Tuesday, herefox and I met ame_chan and Emily for dinner at Zachary's. Much pizza bliss ensued. 3 pizzas, 4 people - good odds. Then the lot of us drove over to lilacfairy's for a quick visit. Rupert actually spent majority of the visit in the room instead of his usual under the bed. =)

Alani and I had a great time. Friday, we had much fun taking the ferry over to SF, lunch at Rainforest Cafe, looking at da fwishes at the Bay Aquarium and seeing Ponyo! Pajama party (she stole my pillow, of course). Breakfast at Ol'MacDonalds and shopping for a down pillow of her own. She and Kyle now both have one. Whether my pillow is safe from her clutches is still up in the air.

Celebrated Kyle's birthday at Bladium. Rock Climbing, followed by pizza, cup cakes, gatorade and the big, climbing/slide blow up bouncy thing. Kyle and his friends had a blast! The wall is 35 feet high and Kyle and his buddies climbed to the top.

There is a copy of Palimpsest somewhere in my apt. Oh where, oh where can it be???
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