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WorldCon - Sunday, August 9th

Another early morning. Who needs sleep?

Tammy & I went to the FoL Breakfast at Eggspectation. Very good turn out. I had Kevin H. on the one side, Myles and his wife Nancy on the the other. I managed to really wake up Tammy by spilling my glass of iced water on her. *love you, Tammy *. oops. Spoke with Michel and her husband Arlon (sp?) who were here from Israel. Also got to chat with keristor who I've seen on various people's lj and on the list.

10am signing: Michelle Sagara, Seanan McGuire. Michelle was kind enough to give me a copy of her book. I promised to buy one and set it free. Seanan was kind enough to sign my copy of Ravens in the Library. While we were standing around the signing area, got to speak a bit with jpsorrow

10:30 signing: Steve and Sharon. Got Duainfey signed. Could not find my copy of Longeye. It'll have to wait for the next con.

11am: Food for Writers: So you have 90000 words to write, three months to do it in and the fridge is bare. What foods keep you going? Alison Sinclair, Jon Singer, Sharon Lee, Debra Doyle

Writing for Teens was at the same time, so I missed it.

12:30-2pm: Author reading: Laura Ann Gilman, Margaret Ronald, Seanan McGuire, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime. Laura Ann Gilman read from her new book (not in the Retrievers series). Cool! Margaret Ronald read from her second book (I'm part way through her first one) More cool! Seanan read from Rosemary and Rue (I want that book NOW). Enjoyed Stephanie Bedwell-Grime's too.

Missed Judth's and Sassafrass' concerts.

2-3:30pm  DAW Books
2-3:30pmGateway Drugs
Paranormal romance, Harry Potter and movie tie-ins, all are often the first SF and fantasy books that readers encounter. We often sneer at them, but they really do seem to provide a new crop of readers. Why? What do they change about the expectations of genre
Fiona Patton, Regina M. Franchi, LeAmber Kinsley, James Bacon
2-3pmThe Tezuka Legacy
Dr. Osama Tezuka was one of the giants of manga and anime, giving us "Astroboy" and "Kimba, the White Lion". How has he influenced Japanese and American animation? What are his other essential works that we ought to be seeing?
Dr. Dave, Mark Irwin, Michael Citrome, Josef Steiff
2:30-4pmConcertsStone Dragons, Seanan McGuire
Did I go find something to eat at this point? I think I was living on Tammy's protein bars at this point. I had much fun at the concerts.

4:30pm - went to the Keri Sperring signing.
Missed "Found Filk"

5-6:30pm - Baen Books presentation. New PC Hodgell book coming out in March of 3/10. Will have to check out Mark L. Van Name. Paul Chafee too. Yay for Steve and Sharon! Unfortunately Baen's goodies never made it to the Con.

Missed the "Getting Your Forensics Right"

7-8pm: Reading: Fiona Patton, John Pitts. Really enjoyed both. John Pitts' short story about Lucille and Chuck and Peppermint... hee hee!

Saw the fire and fog in the fountain. Cool. Did not see the ring of fire though.

Dinner at Steak & Frites. The bread was good. Service was so-so. Loved the duck - had been debating between one or two legs and the comments from the peanut gallery ran from - "you don't want it to be lonely" to "it would be lopsided if you only got one". Did ask our server and she said the legs ran small. Got two. Delicious. Ordered the profiteroles and shared it with the table.

Was able to split the hotel bill 4 ways. No problems with weird charges on Monday like at Denvention.

The lines for the party elevators went out the door.

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