Debbie (debmats) wrote,

WorldCon - Saturday, August 8th

Got up early and walked up the hill to Curves. Found out they were closed on the weekend. Well, at least I got some walking in.

Met up with greenmtnboy18 and drinteot!!!

Breakfast at Eggspectation with Tammy, Kev, Christopher

Was this the morning we bumped in msagara and chatted for a bit?

Did not make it to any of the morning panels (Medival Technology, Catherynne Valente's reading, Death, Illness and Disability)

12:30-2pmBead Looming
Learn about this useful and fascinating art form and its many possible costuming uses
Mary Kay Kare
We are the Knights Who Say f***!
Diction in fantasy used to be pretty formal and indeed, this can be a problem for the contemporary reading in getting on with The Lord of the Rings. But more recent epic fantasies have had their characters speaking more demotic language (and with a fair bit of Anglo-Saxon thrown in). What are the costs of doing this? Does it really make things easier for readers?
David Anthony Durham, Guy Gavriel Kay, Marc Gascoigne, Pat Rothfuss
SRM PublisherSteve Miller
I ended up going to the lively discussion on diction =)

Caught part of Mark Bernstein's and all of Faye Ringel & Sean McMullin's concerts.

Didn't make it to the Middle Ages: Getting It Right panel

Loved Heather Dale's concert with Ben Deschamps and Jason Sonier

Missed the Hymnal Singing (a mix of traditional filk songs and kids' folk songs)

5-6:30pm  Neil Gaiman: Finding FandomNeil Gaiman, Tom Galloway
5-6pmReadingJay Lake, John Helfers
5-6:30pmAunts in Spaceships
Why are there so few older female characters in SF?  
Karen Haber, Sharon Lee, Debra Doyle, Ellen Klages
5-5:30pmSigningFiona Patton
Ended up hanging out at Fe's signing and I did find a copy of Mythspring for her to sign.

Dinner at Deux Pierrots in Old Montreal with Tammy, Kev, Christopher, Alex and Deb. Had poutine for the first time. Interesting. Not something I'd order in general *g* Ribs and chicken for dinner. More chou in the salad, but the server brought out a "just made" salad for Tammy.

More wandering around Old Montreal. Tammy & I both got temporary tattoos. For better or worse, the Baby Snoopy with a Heart did NOT last as long as Eeyore did. This one seemed to be more like paint than a type of henna.

Saw some of the fireworks display put on by the South Africans.

Traffic was a mess - practically gridlocked. Was very happy to be walking.

Filking. T'was Debbie's first experience. Hee hee!
I was last in the room and had to be very careful of the bodies...
Tags: anticipation, filk, worldcon

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