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WorldCon - Friday, August 7th

GRRRRRRRRRRRR... lj ate my post.

2nd try...

The problem with posting about WorldCon, days after the event, is that everything has blurred together and the memory is not very clear...

Actually, I think we had dinner this night at Restaurant McGill and the previous night's dinner was at Feng Shui with Tammy, Kev, Christopher and Fe. I could be wrong. *g*

Hmm, so Friday started out EARLY. 9-10am: Reading - Daniel Dern, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Got there a few minutes late, as the coffee line at Van Houtte's was slow. Enjoyed hearing Daniel Dern as I had not read anything of his. Sharon read from Carousel Tides (yay!) and Steve read from Fledgling (more yay!)

11am-noonThe Ethics of Dollhouse
Is it okay to rent your body as a meat puttple? What do the sellers and buyers owe you, if anything? Let's talk about the increasingly complicated world of Joss Whedon's latest creation
Dan Kimmel, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, DD Barant
2nd Time Around
Some writers go on hiatus for years; others find the vagaries of publishing take them out... yet the urge to write lures them back. Is it a matter of unfinished business or is writing an addiction?
Alexander Jablokov, Michelle M. Sagara, Mike Shepherd Moscoe, Nick DiChario, Robert Silverberg
I went to 2nd Time Around, and it was just Michelle, Nick DiChario and Robert Silverberg. It turned into a very interesting interview with Robert Silverberg. Very cool!

I had thought about going to "Those Bygone Days", "Filk From a Listeners' Prospective", but I think I got something to eat?

At 1pm, Tammy and I got in line for Trudi Canavan's signing. T'was very cool to meet her. I remember being overjoyed to find her second book on the shelves in England when I was there.

Missed Nancy Louise Freeman concert, but I did catch the last half hour of Gary Ehrlich's!

One of the things I disliked at this con was the scheduling of a reading of several authors at once. Yes, it was good to hear readings by people you'd never heard before. My main problem is that there are so many things to see and do at a con at THE SAME TIME, and I really hate walking out of a panel once I'm there - especially when it's a small audience! Plus just because a writer is listed first or second or whatever, doesn't mean that they will be reading in that order.

So, I missed the readings from 2-3:30 of Elaine Issak, Joshua Palmatier, Leah Bobet, Robert Wiersma. I really wanted to hear Joshua's reading *sigh*

BUT I really wanted to go to filkerdave's and kbeader's concerts from 2:30-4pm

So I could have gone to the first 1/2 hour of the readings, but like I said, I hate walking out of a panel.

I know I went to the 3:30-5pm "Anatomy for Writers, Heroes and Tavern Brawers" with Sean McMullen and Jetse de Vries. How did I manage this in its entirety and still see both Kathy and Dave's concerts??? "Author, karate instructor, fencer and first aid officer Sean McMullen provides a tour of how the human body can and cannot be damaged. Want to know where a hero can be punched without any effect? Worried about his vascular dialation? Curious about the real-life version of Mr. Spock's never pinch? Not sure whether a really long sword fight is three hours or seven seconds? Wondering why readers are laughing because your hero has microsecond reactions?"

This panel was a lot of fun! First, because Sean (runner build) and Jetse (viking who likes beer build) were shirtless and Sean drew muscles and other stuff on his and Jetse's bodies. Sean had to keep putting his shirt on and then taking it off to demonstrate - he got cold easily - no body fat.

Lots of trivia bits - how long does it take nerves to send messages to brain and back again, how long can you fight before you bleed out. Fun stuff!

Would have liked to go to the Intro to Filk panel.

5-6:30pmThey Killed Off Who? - Star Trek Redux
Dan Kimmel, Heather Urbanski, Jeff Warner, Mary Moura, Tony Pi, Toni Lay
Folklore, Science Fiction and Fantasy
Folklore is not fairy tale. It's a body of knowledge about the way the world works.
Catherynne Valente, Edward James, Greer Gilman, Janet McNaughton, Maura McHugh
I ended up at the Star Trek panel. Fun!

Did not go to the Studio Ghibli and Fantasy panel. Food instead. (see above)

Missed the first twenty minutes of "From the Earth to the Moon - A celebration in song of the 40th Anniversary of the first Moon Landing". It was very cool. Enjoyed it lots!

Chilled in the room for a bit and then went filking.

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