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with a little bit of planning...

Went to the A's game today. Actually, went to the game Friday night and Saturday too.
A's swept the White Sox! Go A's!!! Yay! Makes me very happy.

Now if they only win enough games to take the division before the strike. <--major irk

Anyway, took Kyle to game on Saturday. It was Kids Fest Day. A gazillion kids - all over the place. It was a wee bit intimidating for Kyle. He decided he'd rather go to *our seats* rather than stick around the festival. Got down to our seats where he preceded to eat an entire personal size pepperoni pizza. Gayle had warned me that he probably wouldn't be too hungry as they had gone out to brunch. Yeah, right. Most 2 year olds won't have anything to do with pepperoni (and certain 25 year olds too *grin*) Kyle wil not only eat all of his pepperoni, but will steal from auntie's pizza too.

Ended up going back to Karen's for a kiddie snuggle fest - oh and dinner with my sisters and bro-in-law. Alani is now rolling all over the place, starting to get into the crawl thingy, but can't quite coordinate the hands and knees yet.

Today was trading card day at the game. Everybody is given a packet of 28 cards - the first 20 are unique, and remaining 8 are of the same player and are for trading. You need to trade away 7 of them in order to complete the set. I am now the proud owner of a complete set. Go Me!

Leaving the game today was a disaster. You had the 30K+ fans and between 10-20K people from the matinee Circus show all trying to exit the parking lot at the same time. Plus the south exit of the north lot was blocked off by the elephants' tent. Oh, mustn't forget all the people trying to enter the lot for the evening circus performance.

All that was required was a bit of planning - perhaps some traffic lanes set up so that the incoming and outgoing traffic didn't gridlock themselves. Made for lots of loud horns and pissed off people. I knew I should have left after the 7th inning. *sigh*

It took 40 minutes to get home - it usually takes 10 minutes (if that). Oh well.



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Aug. 18th, 2002 07:15 pm (UTC)
Certain 25 year olds, huh? ;P

Now you need the ultra rare cared, "Eric Chavez's butt". Of course, you don't exactly need a card to see that. *g*

Oh, and while getting out of the parking lot was hard, at least you didn't have to park on a grassy knoll this time!
Aug. 18th, 2002 07:26 pm (UTC)
Yup. Certain 25 year olds...

At least on the grassy knoll, I didn't have to experience merging lanes and lots of angry horns...
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