Debbie (debmats) wrote,

WorldCon - Thursday, August 6th

Woke up and was out of the room by 7:45. Walked UP the hill to Curves. T'was weird to hear "Changez estacion, maintenant" instead of "change stations now". Found Starbucks. Go Me!

Brunch at the hotel buffet. Bacon! Crepes!

First panel I went to was "Team Writing" from 12:30 to 1:30pm. Dani Kollin, Eytan Kollin, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller. "Two writing teams talk about their process". T'was fun.

Tammy & I chatted with msagara while we waited for the 2-3:30pm panel "One Genre or Many" to start. Farah Mendlesohn, Michelle Sagara, Pa Rothfuss, Gary Wolfe, Ellen Klages. "Lots of people asser that SF and fantasy are really part of one overarching field called fantastic; but in this case, why are critics of both developing different languages to describe them?

By this time we'd seen the very small dealers' room *sigh*. I told Michelle that I'd wanted to pick up her new book (it had come out on Tuesday while I was in transit), but nobody in the dealers room had it. She said she'd give me her copy. *squeee* I will buy a copy of her book and set it free to a good home on Friday. =)

4pm-5pm: Filk Trivia with Seanan McGuire and Mark Bernstein. Trivia bee! The room was split in half and much silliness ensued. "And the answer is..."

Dinner at Restaurant McGill, which was down the street from the Convention Center.

Got a little turned around, but we eventually found our way back to the Center.

7pm - 9pm: Chapter and Verse: Dave Weingart, Howard Scrimgeour, Jane Garthnson, Judith Hayman, Kathleen Sloan, Peggi Warner-Lalonde, Phillip Mills, Sue and Tom Jeffers. Songs based on written SF&F. Each performer will read a snippet from the chosen text and sing the song that the story inspired. Meat!

Was going to go filk, but crashed instead.

Tags: anticipation, worldcon

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