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Gads, you know it's Friday when...

You can't figure out how to use the new #$@%(* vending machine.

It shows sodas along the left side, candies and cookies on the middle and right. You have to put coins in the correct slot on the right side and turn the lever thingy. There are no slots nor levers on the left side.

It says, open door with an arrow pointing to the left side. I see hinges on the left side, but that can't be what they're talking about. I yank on the top of the left side and nothing happens.

Feeling really stupid by that point, I drag coworker Laure over to machine and ask for help. She looks, and yanks. Nothing happens. She yanks real hard and *CLUNK* door opens with slots and levers for sodas. We *thought* we had broken the machine. Who dreams up stuff like this??? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

This would not have happened if I had made it to Costco yesterday and filled MY office dorm fridge with diet pepsi.

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