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Pre-WorldCon: August 3-5

Monday was the last call for laundry, searching for books to be signed (where did I put Longeye???), and finally packing. Suitcase weighed in at 42 pounds - I figured I'd be safe for the trip home - the chocolates and wine would be gone - so more room for BOOKS!

Picked up an insulated lunch bag to carry meds in. I decided that it would be far easier to get some ice at the airport after I'd gone through security to keep the meds cool. I hadn't been able to find a small gel pack.

T'was a bit of a mix up in transportation. I was waiting at K's house and she was waiting at my apt. G and I had an understanding that I'd drop the van off at their place, but that never filtered down to K. K made it back to their place and kidlets went along for the ride. Traffic was light, so after many hugs from the kidlets, I was punted around 9:20pm.

Grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich for dinner. I was still learning how to discretely give myself an insulin injection with a pen. By the end of the trip, it was a snap.

Flight to Albany (via Cleveland) was uneventful. Yay! It was now Tuesday. Red eye flight again. Got my suitcase and found a nice bench and waited for tammy_g to arrive. Grabbed a couple pamphlets for Cooperstown. Hmmmm...

Tammy!!!! Yay! Got a blue camry for the trip. The nice lady at the Hertz desk gave us lovely directions and suggestions as to where to get lunch. As we were leaving the airport, we saw where our hotel for the return trip was. Yay! Lunch at Macaroni Grill. Did warn Tammy that there was a chance that we'd be making a side trip to the Cooperstown on Monday.

It's a lovely drive from Albany to Montreal. Trees and mountains =)

Took us less than 20 minutes to get through the border crossing. Actual time spent at the border, less than 3 minutes.

I knew Montreal and Quebec are french speaking areas. I just didn't realize HOW MUCH. Cross the border and BOOM! Roads signs all in FRENCH!!! Having to pull back memory bits from high school french. Augh! We're supposed to be on 15 West. The sign now says 15 O??? Oh yeah, west in french is ouest.

Stop? Slow? Left, right? Uh oh, Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. Just one wrong turn plus rush hour traffic across the bridge but we made it safely to our hotel. Though we did end up going around the block once and going in the out to get to the parking garage.

pezazul and clsinstl had already checked in. We did get a fridge! Yay! No more worries about chilling meds. Also? My dp would be cold. Simple pleasures =)

Kev & Christopher made it back to the room a short time later. Hugs! Then in some order, we had dinner at the hotel and went over to convention center to register (but they were closed). Distance to convention center from hotel was 3 blocks - much better than Denvention! Passed several fountains - one even has fog and fire!

Tammy had made protein bars and granola bars. The protein bars were my life savers *g*. Had a few of those for breakfast. Walked over to the convention center and registered. The convention center has walls of different colored glass. Pretty!!! Then we drove over to Hertz to add Christopher to the rental agreement. Costco! Munchies, water and DP. Yes!

Next up - Old Montreal. We spent 20 minutes looking for parking and then had the sudden realization that it really wasn't that far from the hotel. So parked the car at the hotel and walked over. Had lunch at a bistro where the outside eating was in the island on the street. Everything had to be carried across the street from the restaurant. Gazpacho followed by a simple spaghetti. I think Christopher got the celery heart salad instead of soup. Can't remember what everybody else had. Watched the horse drawn carriages, the different cars zoom around us. People watching.

Wandered around the streets and shops and churches (didn't go into any). Dinner was at a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown. This is where Tammy learned the word for cabbage "chou". Her question to the wait staff for the next week "No chou" Spring rolls! Seafood noodle soup!

Stopped by the Hilton to see if Fe had checked in yet - Tammy was to be her head possee and the rest of us, minions if needed. No answer and the phone instructions were in automated french, so Tammy left no message.

Basically, the four of us spoke enough spanish to get into trouble and my french was over 30 years old. T'was sad.

Oooh bakery! Manju! Sponge cakes! Bubble Tea! Pastries! Kev can have my share of bubble tea. yup. ick.

Wandered around Chinatown and then headed back to the hotel. Time to disect the program guide...
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