Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Getting ready for WorldCon

What else did I do while I was getting ready for WorldCon?

I did lots of walking. The kidlets had a sleepover. Keoki-chan is well into Kingdom Hearts 2. Alani did a bit more beading.

Breakfast with Liz at The Little House Cafe - well after a bit of a mix up. We'd made the date way back in June for 8:30am and neither of us confirmed it until the day of. Then we both managed to miss each other's calls. So I waited and she waited and we didn't end up meeting until 10am. Good chat, lots of catch up.

Dinner with Lee - mooo - ended up at Black Angus. Teriyaki steak for her, and prime rib for me. Yum. More chatting. Can I just say that her landlord gets a gold star and lots of good karma for solving her walker problem? He installed a locking storage unit at the bottom of the outside staircase where she can park her walker. Huzzah!
Tags: friends, life

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