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Da Family Vacation - Part III

Tuesday was more Disneyland...

We split up again. Alani and I did Space Mountain first thing. Fun!

She likes Star Tours too. Ick ick ick ick ick...

We did Pinocchio, the train, Toontown, the Inspector Gadget rollercoaster twice, Roger Rabbit's ride. Bought taffy (they'd gotten cotton candy on the first day). Tried to keep her hydrated.

At 2pm, we left the park again. Met up with Lorie. Alani threw a hooey. She did not want to go to IHOP. She did not want to leave the park... *sigh* Combination of being tired and a low blood sugar. She gets really cranky with either condition and combined??? She was much better after she ate two pancakes along with chicken strips and fries. Chocolate milk and a glass of water later - so much better.

Kids didn't feel like swimming, but they watched cartoons for a bit.

Back to the park without G. We rode the Tower of Terror. Alani did not like it. Too much like the Haunted Mansion, which she also doesn't like. K, Lorie & Kyle went off to ride CA Screaming. Alani & I did A Bugs Life land... caterpillar train, slow flying cookie boxes (well, ours was the chinese take away box).

Passed Kyle and company on their way back to Disneyland. We rode the Giant Ferris Wheel. I inisisted on going on one of the non swinging gondolas. I was NOT going to ride in one of the swinging ones. Nancy got me on that ride years ago and I swore I wasn't ever going to do that again =) Motion sickness is no fun.

Met up with G. She and Alani went off to ride the jellyfish drop. I finally got to ride on Toy Story. Fun! I didn't realize until the end that you could continuously shoot. Oh well. Got 56K points.

Raced back to Disneyland after meeting up with G & Alani. Met up with the rest to watch Fantasmic. Kids loved it. We also had great spot to watch the fireworks too.

Left the park (hey! no complaints from the kidlets) at 10pm and went to the Rainforest Cafe for a late dinner. Back to the hotel by midnight. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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