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Da Family Vacation - Part II

Monday = Disneyland!!!

Alani is finally tall enough to ride most of the fast rides at Disneyland now. Space Mountain anybody? The first ride we rode was Space Mountain - less than a 20 minute wait. We all watched her face at the end of the ride - would there be tears? NOPE! She loved it! "Can we ride it again????" Astroblasters. Star Tours (ICK ICK ICK)...

It's A Small World doesn't look very different, but the boats no longer drag on the bottom of the moat anymore. Supposedly some changes were made to make it more PC, but the only ones I noticed were the Disney characters added to the ride. (Alice, Alladin, etc)

Alice in Wonderland. Mattahorn Bobsleds. Yup, she loved this one too. Hello Houston, we've got another adrenaline junkie. Just like her brother.

Found out she was too short for the Indiana Jones ride, so she and I did the Tarzan's Treehouse and Pirates of the Carribbean. Met up with K, G & Kyle after they'd also ridden Pirates and we did the hour wait for Splash Mountain. Alani really liked that one too. Yay!

We rode other stuff, but I'm drawing a blank...

Late lunch break outside the park - lunch at Captain Kidd's, and then some swimming back at the hotel.

CA Adventure. Rode Soaring Over CA (a family favorite!) Watched the Main Street Electrical Parade. OOOH Shiny!!! K, G & Kyle went off to catch a few more rides and Alani & I headed back over to Disneyland. We saw some of the fireworks, rode the train around the park, Peter Pan, Snow White, Space Mountain. Enchanted Tiki Room... Back to the hotel around midnight. She was out in a minute.

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