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The Week...

Had troubles this week getting somebody to take my blood. Drove to the lab on Monday to find that the Redwood City location had closed as of June 5th. Grrrrr... On Wednesday, found the new Alameda lab, but because my form was computer generated, not a three part form, they could not modify the order. I had woken up in the red tent, so I couldn't do the urine sample. In the past, it's been no big deal, I just do all other tests and do the urine sample at another date. Oh No. Not this time. Lab tech was having hooey. They HAD to do all the tests on the form. She'd have to get a supervisor to come in and override the computer generated form and and and and...

I ended up calling my doctor and they revised the order on their end. *sigh*

The other lab tech was able to draw blood on the first try. Yay!

Sprang Lee from snf!

G and kids came over in the afternoon and swam. Noodles for dinner. I really need to go to the grocery store.

Kidlets had a sleep over on Thursday. We went out to Acapulco for dinner with Lee, and then did a quick trip to Longs. A box of Lucky Charms ended up in my shopping basket... Kidlets tried to get Rupert to come and play, but he wisely stayed under the bed. Kyle played KH until midnight.

Friday morning - Kyle started playing KH at 5:30 AM. Bad Kyle! He's finished Hollow Bastions. Alani and I did some beading. Lunch at Applebees, followed by ice cream at Loard's. Swimming!

I zonked. Lee & I went for a short walk.

Saturday, K & I skipped the parade and went to the Farmer's Market. Brunch at Carrow's - country skillet (biscuits and gravy - curse you Stanley!).


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